Display technology from Mitsubishi Electric plays a vital role in helping those who watch over our safety and security. On the street, in public spaces, in schools, colleges and workspaces, Mitsubishi Electric enables security professionals to keep a watchful eye over the safety of citizens going about their business, helping us all feel a little bit more secure. But as the use of CCTV has increased, the task of managing greater numbers of image sources effectively has become more challenging. The growing affordability of remote camera systems has made them accessible to many more institutions and local authorities, but has also raised the problem of how to monitor and manage those feeds effectively, often with limited opportunities to create a traditional “control room” environment.

The versatility of Mitsubishi Electric Seventy Series displays provides an answer to all these problems. With its DLP cube displays in sizes ranging from 50” to 80”, with front as well as rear access versions available, Mitsubishi has a solution for every control room. For more compact monitoring suites, the VS-60HS12U and the 55” LCD tiles  displays provide the ideal solution, combining professional-grade quality and reliability with an impressive feature list and very small footprint.