Oil and Gas

Good decisions are based on good information. And nowhere is that more important than in the management of complex and potentially hazardous industrial processes involving hundreds of personnel and millions of dollars of equipment. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of automation, environmental and process control systems, Mitsubishi Electric understands better than most the importance of having the right information displayed clearly to the right people at the right time. Mitsubishi Electric’s Seventy Series family of control room display systems have evolved over thousands of demanding installations to do just that.

Facility control rooms represent a major long-term investment, with operational lifespans often measured in decades rather than years. Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall is designed to evolve with you as your needs change. User-configurable input cards enable you to adapt to new demands and new technologies with ease. Operators of legacy mercury lamp-based systems can even upgrade to the latest LED technology thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s replacement projection engines.