Emergency Operating Centers

Network Operating Video Wall

Government bodies and the emergency services have to be equipped to deal effectively with any situation. Accurate and up-to-date intelligence is key to the effectiveness of the response to a crisis or unusual event. In a fast-moving situation, it is often necessary to gather together data from multiple sources such as CCTV, Off-air broadcast, emergency services dispatchers and remote sensors, and have all of that data displayed in one place. Mitsubishi Electric Display Walls are used in many emergency operations centres and crisis suites around the world to create a single workspace where all important information can be displayed. Naturally, top-class performance and reliability is essential. But just as important is versatility; With their user configurable input boards and compatibility with all major screen controllers, Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series offers a trusted platform on which to build an effective and versatile situation response system.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Seventy Series offers a comprehensive range of display technologies for any installation, including high specification DLP cubes, the new compact Slim Cube for on-demand applications and professional-grade LCD tiled displays for smaller facilities and breakout rooms.