Business moves fast and staying ahead of the game requires quick decisions based on the latest information. Business is also about communications – being able to share your vision or point of view with colleagues and customers is a vital function in any corporate environment. Mitsubishi Electric Display Wall creates an incredibly powerful medium through which to inform, inspire and persuade. Seventy Series rear projection cubes can create extremely high quality displays for boardrooms and meeting rooms, enabling meeting participants to view content in stunning detail under normal lighting conditions, and presenters to interact with visual material without casting shadows on the screen or being blinded by front projection. Mitsubishi Electric’s latest generation of LCD Ultra Narrow Bezel displays deliver the same high-end performance but in a fraction of the space, making them perfect for any meeting or team room.

Built-in image processing in Seventy Series products means that sophisticated multi-input, multi-window displays can be created without the need for an external controller, saving money. The latest LM55P2 LCD display is equipped with OPS slot for maximum versatility and Mitsubishi’s Slim Cube is the perfect solution when it becomes to 24/7 operations and less floor space is available.